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Artiste visuel, sculpteur d’air…

Nils conçoit ses propres créations depuis la fin des années 90. Il réalise des sculptures géométriques tridimensionnelles complexes et composées dans différents matériaux, des sculptures gonflables au design fantasmagorique (2 à 30 mètres) éclairées grâce à la technologie LED-RGB et des mobiles tridimensionnels en lycra constitués de découpes en dentelles.

Plus de 300 installation !! international et aux 4 coins de la Suisse

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Creating unforgettable atmospheres that make you smile from your core.
Speaking through the freedom of art and colour ☆

Federico in arte HANGULI artista eclettico che dalla pittura ,scrittura arriva alla musica con il suo hang , da autodidatta le sue giornate variano da artista di strada a musico terapeuta nei reparti oncologici a guida gruppi di meditazione . Fa della sua musica un portale mistico dove tenta di evadere schemi.

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Per bambini in giornata ed il body/face painting di notte (fluo, UV)

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Mi chiamo Cristina, sono una viaggiatrice, un’amante della vita e un poeta alieno.
Il mio curriculum include lo studio della fisioterapia e del corpo, studio che ho frequentato e concluso in Germania, insegnante di Ashtanga, Hatha e Nidra Yoga, body worker, terapista Ayurvedica e Thai Yoga e scrittrice.
Il mio intento in questa vita è di condividere le mie conoscenze nel mondo per poter guidare le persone a ritrovare l’armonia interiore, mentale e fisica, tramite l’esplorazione fisica e mentale, le pratiche di una respirazione corretta uniti al tocco reciproco che ai giorni nostri spesso mancano.
Collegando i piaceri della creativitá e della libera espressione di corpo ed anima, il mio lavoro racchiude le pratiche del pensiero cosciente, di una forte intenzione, del movimento fisico e della completa presa di consapevolezza di sé stessi.
Tutto questo esiste giá dentro ognuno di noi, a volte abbiamo semplicemente bisogno di una guida che ci aiuti a rimparare a vedere la via che ci conduce a noi stessi, in quel regno dell’anima dove vive la pace.

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H3ml0ck visual project is about synchronizing the policromating pulsations of videos to music and continuously adapting to the mood and vibes of the event, creating an ever-changing psychedelic world made of paper drawings and glitched weirdness.

The themes of the visuals space a lot and are based on drawings, gifs or videos ranging between retrò black & white videos, cartoons, films, geometric-style minimal videos and anything that can be adapted or texturized. In H3ml0ck’s live mapping show, space isn’t a limitation but a frame to twist and re-model to get the best out of the disposable resources. Eventually this is achieved by integrating into the landscape/location a modular and rearrangeable portal-structure (5-7mt in diameter) composed of triangles and rhombuses on which are made the projections. The more the situation is challenging, the bigger is the growth that can be gained from that experience. Thinking everything differently and using it differently to create a unique experience every time is the best way to evolve the personal taste and learn from directly from the world.

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Nataraja ‘’The Lord of Dance’’ aka Sacha is a Swiss Video Performer also acting in organisation of events, festivals and parties, planning of visuals stages, mapping setups and performances.

Starting using computer, an Apple II when he was a child, he has grown up with technology and travelling the World. Since his childhood, he always listen a lot of music, from early reggae pioneer to today’s electronic music, all kind of style is a source of inspiration and a way to travel thought his imagination.

Started as DJ in the 80′s mixing psychedelics progressives beats and also loving the technical and multimedia side of this influence he discovered, inspired by new visual technologies a new way to perform visual arts, in real-time and he finally dive into the world of Vj’ing

It has always been a deep interest for him, a source of inspiration and a tool to imagine experiment and create. He was curious to know more about this way of using a computer so back in 1999 he started a new experiment, creating, editing and mixing his PsyOrganics Urban Visual World and became a pioneer of Switzerland’s Vj scene. Video mapping, interactive installation, generative art, all those discipline comes from experimentation with computer.

In 2003, he joined the feelfree collective in order to organise some high quality events. He also started sharing his experiences as visual coordinator with many other labels and organisations like BioliveUltimaeHel-v-TekPsyberpunkElectron FestivalTimegate, Twisted Grooves, Colors Of Life, Psychotunes, Aphonix recMoonloop recLunarmouth, Teratone and many others.

He developed his creativity not only with digital tools; he also likes to use traditional material and medium. As main content he use self captured movies or pictures, inspired through live life, nature observations, meeting people, computer generated graphics animations, fractals loops and self created animations. All mixed, taking care of the kind of sound played, the theme of the event, the people’s attitude, the vibe and the spirits.

He feels like every sound in our world is in relation with something visual. Sound can express a colour, a form, a movement, a feeling. Music is a huge source of inspiration for anything visual.

He played as VJ in several music events, festivals and parties in Morocco, UK, France, Germany and Switzerland and he is still trying to improve his style and the worlds he create.

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