ART MODE DJ Producer is Dario Artioli.

He approached at young age in the world of electronic music; finished the high school, he work in factory.
In 2011 He can play at his firt PSY Rave Party, in the contryside around the “PO River” in ITALY.

In the 2012, ART MODE and ARIES decide to create VOICE OF DHARMA, a Progressive-Trance music project.
The guys eperiment their sound and Voice of Dharma started to perform in Italy and many other countries around Europe.

After thia experience, Dario explore the DJ “Mixing art” performance thanks to numerous party every weekend.
Now ART MODE plays at the best Psytrance parties with numerous international Dj Producer, for example: Vini Vici, Captain Hook, Zyce, Animato, Blastoyz, Egorythmia, Mandragora, Day.Din, Timelook, Omiki, Shibass, ABC, Meis, Avengers, LocoWeed, Goodfellas, and many more…

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