Alessandro C., aka Ale-RT, was born in Florence (Italy) in 1980. His first encounter with electronic music took place in the most representative Italian clubs of progressive, trance and hardcore genres during the Nineties. Ale-RT deepened his interest in the evolving sounds of that period by participating in concerts of instrumental music and becoming passionate about artists such as Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre, and those pertaining to the Novaera Records, as well as about the work of international and Italian djs playing progressive and techno (Francesco Farfa, Gabry Fasano, Jeff Mills, Attack Records…).
At the end of the Nineties, he started experimenting with sounds by mixing techno-trance in vinyl at local parties. In 2002, he founded together with friends and collaborators a collective named ResisTrance. This name came out of the European Social Forum experience, which took place in Florence in the same year and gathered millions of new and old pacifists from all over the world. The aim behind the project ResisTrance was to promote trance music in alternative spaces of diffusion, such as self-managed social centres, universities, abandoned urban buildings and isolated natural locations in mountains and woods, so as to enjoy a sense of freedom which is largely constrained in other contexts, dominated by the logic of production and/or commercialisation of music. In parallel with the world of the goatrance, with its contents of freedom, love, and peace and its psychedelic culture, which Ale-RT embraced fully, another project arose “The Teknostories”, which he developed with the polyvalent artist and friend Massimiliano Chiamenti. “The Teknostories” was a musical theatre performance project which lasted 5 years. Chiamenti (recently passed away) made his performances naked, expressing the extreme contents of his writings through his body, and Ale-RT accompanied the play with a mix of tekno, trance, and ambient music. The collective Resistrance is still active, organising rave parties. It is well placed in the Italian underground culture, at the periphery of the hegemonic culture and at the periphery of urban spaces too. It works in collaboration with other important local tribes such as Orbital Tribe. Two events stand out as prominent among the ones organised during the last few years: the “72 Hours of ResisTrance”, a musical kermesse which occupied a space on the outskirts of Florence and played music non-stop for three days; and the “Canapisa”, an “anti-prohibitionist” street parade with musical floats (goa, techno, reggae…) that fill the streets of Pisa every year. Ale-RT is very active in organising events and playing at rave parties, parades, and electronic music club. His artistic career has been directed towards psytrance music, dancefloor, and chillout psychedelic music. During the last year of the Maya Calendar (2012), he played several concerts in Central America and took part at the “Mayan Soul Festival” (Guatemala), “The Time has Come” (Mexico), as well as at other events in Honduras. After a couple of years spent collaborating with local tribes in Italy, he went back to Mexico and played on the beaches of Zipolite and Mazunte (coast of Oaxaca). He moved to Tijuana in 2015 where he has been absorbing the hybrid sonorities of the frontier. There, he has been playing in festivals such as “Ekinox Festival 2016 , Time and Space Festival 2015”, in electronic music clubs downtown, and in parties on the beach.
Moved to Guadalajara in the year 2016 has participated in numerous events both in the region of Jalisco (Guadalajara) as Coloso Time, Space Invaders, Alien Learning that out at international festivals such as La Tierra Prometida. Now he continues his project in his native land Italy where continues with his full passion playing in various festivals like in Transition (Spaign) and 7 Chakras (Italy)!

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