Cedric Marugg also known as SiD, is a young Dj and Producer. He startet in the year of 16 ( 2015 ) with Mixing his first sets. In the same year he played at some underground Partys in Grisons. After 1 year playing as Dj he became more and more in the mood to do his own stuff. In 2016 he startet his first ableton project and played as dj at biger and better partys. 2016 he organized his first Party with some big acts . In 2017 He played more and more in zurich and Balstahl on Partys. He did his first little Open Air Party( 24h) with PsyTribe CH. In 2017 he played also at big events like Psychologic and Psydoors. In the same year he startet playing his own Music.





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