FOOLVIO is a Live Act synthesizing 20 years of music exploration.
A combination of deep groovy baselines, funky raw leads and psychedelic atmospheres makes his style punchy and uplifting, bringing happiness and smiles on the dance floor!

FOOLVIO is the project I created to give the energy I received from music back to its source.
My name is Fulvio, I’m 27 and I live in Milano.
I played trumpet in a local orchestra for eight years and I’ve been studying guitar since I was a kid.
I graduated in Popular Music Performance and Electronic Music Production / Digital DJ
at London Tech Music School and Milano SAE Institute.
I moved to China where I put all my experiences together to work as a Musician and Producer.
I traveled through Vietnam and Cambodia, Nepal and India,
bringing my music from Beijing to Goa.

After years abroad I came back to Italy to create FOOLVIO,
a Twilight Psychedelic Twist through the tracks I wrote along my journey.
I have performed at many parties and festival around the world and
I’m now focused on producing the best dancing and music connecting experience I can.


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